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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  August 19, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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joel brown joins us live from the white house with the latest. >> reporter: the president ordered this drawdown of troops in iraq some year and a half ago. since then it's been this monstruous task of packing up and moving out after so long at war. the u.s. convoys drove down these dark december ole at highways -- desolate highways with a rock in the rear view meeker. the relief comes after 7.5 years of war. the u.s. soldiers are from the last brigade of combat troops to cross the border out of iraq. about 6,000 more troops are due to pull out by the end of the month. the military is on schedule to meet president obama's august 31st deadline for an end to the combat mission. over the last 18 months, some 90,000 troops have left iraq. happy homecomings for the troops like this one in washington state thursday have
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been playing out at bases across the country. >> it's good to be home. >> it means everything to me. i've been waiting for a long time to come back to my family. >> reporter: but not all of the troops are coming home. after this month, operation iraqi freedom becomes operation new dawn. 50,000 u.s. troops will remain. the pentagon said they could be called upon to fight if necessary. but their main job is to keep training iraq's army. >> they've shown they have the will, the professionalism and the evening os to continue to improve. >> reporter: this is where a roadside bomb exploded and a military convoy drove past. with the u.s. combat mission drawing to a close, the road ahead for iraq is likely to be just as rough. >> president obama again today reaffirming his pledge to have all u.s. troops out of iraq by the end of next year. live at the white house. i'll joel brown, 9 news now.
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>> joel, thank you. for weeks you've heard from frustrated pepco customers who have nearly blown a fuse after losing power over and over again. today the utility company said they might have the answer. but as delia gonsalves tells us it may end up costing us more in the end. delia is here to explain. >> reporter: that's right, lesli. it's a five-year plan that cost $250 million. and while the pepco president couldn't really give us an exact figure, he opens up the possibility of a rate hike to pick up the tab. here is a breakdown of the company's costs of the right now pepco spends $4.3 million on tree trimming. the plan increases that to $7.3 million. upgrading main feed lines cost $4.5 million annually and that will go up by $2 million. automating the system and replacing cable will get a boost and the company will invest $15 million for undergrounding wires and improving substations. >> if the government wants us
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to be aggressive, we also had this conversation with the county executive, ike leggett, and we've had the conversation with governor o'malley. and then it may be time to talk about if this level -- this higher level for reliability is expected, there may be a slight increase to account for that. >> reporter: pepco is also looking at replacing old wires. many we're told are 40 years old. and in some cases and in some problem areas we're told that pepco is considering putting those wires underground like they already did in some newer developments in the area. >> has pepco started making the improvements already? >> they said it's an on going progress and they have started work, like improving wires and replacing wires and cutting down or even totally getting rid of the old trees in the area. and towns like kinsington will benefit first because we're
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told their focusing first here in montgomery county. >> well i'm sure there are a lot of people in the county happy to hear that. thank you so much. well the summer storms did not just cause problems for the power company, it did a number on some streets. some of the hardest hit places were in virginia where flooding tore through roads and washed out bridges. surae chinn spent some of the day surveying the damage and she joins us live in mclean. >> reporter: here is the big problem -- lots of trees and branches. small ones and big ones and where do they go? they start collecting and going downstream right at the bridges. that's where they usually stop. and when we drove around today, we saw mounds and mounds and piles of branches collect -- collecting on people's yards and low-lying bridges. v-dot said they'll clear much of the debris. crews were fixing the two bridges if the vienna mclean area. the run of browns mill and beulah road had branches
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popping out of this tree and this road in fact in vienna. and by noontime, it was passible. crews are still working on the bridges at swings mill road and georgetown. a massive tree toppled a fire hydrant, knocking out water for residents for the day. v-dot is repairing the bridge that won't get done until tomorrow. residents say they have been through this before during big storms and would like to see the bridges in these areas lifted higher and widened. >> they'll fix it so it's passible and i know they'll just lay another layer of asphalt on top of what is already there over the years. so it me it's sort of more of a band aid fix. >> reporter: well i talked with v-dot and they say it's not such an easy fix. that's a very scenic area. why some people have chosen to live in that areach and also it's about cost. we're talking about replacing big asphalt like this can cost about $10,000, but replacing a
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bridge, that can run you in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. so v-dot said it's a lot cheaper to replace it every time a big flood happens. lesli. >> preventive maintenance spares you in the long run. for a look at how to get around, let's check in with pet rana. it's been a frustrating few days in fairfax county and it will be through the weekend here. we want to touch on alternates for two areas surae was talking about. in vienna at browns mill, take hunter mill over to crowell and then get around. and mac -- maclien, take old dominion to springfield and this will get you back into georgetown pike. and there are detour signs so if you follow that you should be in good shape. and to d.c. where it's a face evening compared to yesterday. so a lot of people out and traffic moving in from
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arlington into georgetown. no problems here. but if you're traveling anywhere near rock creek parkway tonight, the alert that there is a bad accident at p. street on-ramp and that is closed for now. back to you. right now a woman is in serious condition at gw hospital after her car plunged into the anna dostia -- anacostia river. it happened around 1:00 this afternoon. two construction workers, a crane operator and a welder saw that car go into the water and they rushed to her rescue. now police have sent divers into the river to look for the suv. >> one of the safety measures that we take is we keep a boat in the water for all times for emergencies. so they followed our plan and jumped in the boat and went off to the vehicle, broke the back window and then the pressure inside the vehicle was such that it popped the passenger -- or the driver i guess out the back of the car. >> police are investigating the cause of the accident. it appears the woman may have had some sort of medical event and that she may have been the
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only person in the car. right now police are looking for three suspects who opened fire on a prince george's county police officer. it happened about an hour after a robbery in bladensberg. police say several people entered a home there with a gun and demanded money. they fired a few shots in the home but no one was hurt. and then an hour later an officer spotted the suspect's suv and tried to pull them over and that's when they took aim at the police cruiser. >> when the suspect vehicle pulled and slowed to a stop, two of the rear occupants of that suv rolled down windows, produced handguns and fired back towards the uniformed police officer in what you can see is clearly a marked patrol car. >> the suspects later drove away but police recovered their black suv a few blocks inside the district into caught on
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tape, an unruly metro rider get a little loud. [ yelling ] >> coming up, actual incident or internet prank? you decide. but first, new information surrounding the massive egg recall linked to salmonella. topper? a great thursday. temperatures in the mid-80s. we'll take you out with the all man ac. you can access this on the website at and click on the weather tab and drop down to weather data. 88 and 72 goes into the books. average is 76 and 68. we'll be back and talk about the weather update and whether or not that means storms as well.
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an update on the egg recall related to salmon'lla. you don't have to worry about
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the eggs in our area. maryland department of health officials tell us that the eggs from the suppliers in question are not in our area. giant and safeway confirmed you will not find them in their stores ether. on the side of the carton you see a letter p and a plant code next to it and then next to that is the code for the dates. you can actually see it there. now these eggs i'm holding, these are lucerne eggs and they are not part of the recall. to learn more though, you want to go to our website,, and click on living smart. up next, new developments in a deadly accident that sent a truck spinning into a crowd. stay with us. now i can stop pain from any angle-- with no mess.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. an update tonight on the deadly off-road accident in california that sent a truck careening into a crowd of spectators. the bureau of land management has suspended future event permits for the promotor of last weekend's race. police say for some reason one
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of the drivers lost control and plowed into a group of people. eight died and ten others suffered injuries. new information surrounding an investigation involving law enforcement locally and the infamous salahis. the company producing the reality show the real housewives of d.c. said an image shown of a d.c. police car after the salahis arrived was edited into the shot. so the question though is whether the u.s. park police did escort the couple's limo. a park police spokesperson said an internal investigation is on going. caught on tape, a guy who probably could have used a police escort. thousands of people are checking out a you tube post of a metrorail rider who can't get out a sentence without cursing at the top of his lungs. bruce leshan said you may not
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want your kids to watch this. >> reporter: posted on you tube about metro problems, we don't know what happened other than what you can see on tape. one guy trying to calm down another irate passengers. the poster said the screamer was drunk and it happened outside of the shady grove station. some of the people commenting wondered if it could have been fake or if the angry man might have hadter ets or a -- had tourette's or a medical problem. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> yes. >> dan said it happens all of the time. >> people just cover it up. >> reporter: many wonder why most of the passengers just sat and watches. >> we're from new york. >> in the new york subway, have you ever run into situations like this? >> all of the time. and you walk away. >> if it was me and i had the
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opportunity to get away from the situation, that's what i would do. because someone in that state, they're unpredictable. >> reporter: a metro worker intervened and took both off the train. metro said it cannot offer any details. but a lot of riders have strange metro stories. >> some guy was carrying a bucket of fish heads that i mean -- it cleared off the entire long train. >> reporter: talk about raising a stink. in silver spring, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> we have snakes on a plane and fish on a train. metro said there is a telephone at the back of every car train. and they said you can get off at the next station or contact the station manager or metro transit police. but quite a few passengers suggested that metro could have more cops on the rails on
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nights and on weekends. all right, good humor is celebrating the 90th anniversary and a ice cream man in new york is doing his part to spread the joy. >> i give my customers a treat for a change. >> reporter: this is joe. he's been selling good humor ice cream for the last 64 years, topper. and in honor of the anniversary, he's selling bars for just 90 cents. joe said much like the special, his days behind the truck won't last long. he's finally thinking of retiring next year. >> wow, 64 years selling good humor. >> imagine the people he's met. >> those metro stories are probably nothing. he's seen a ton of stuff going on. ice cream weather kind of heading our way. but not crazy hot. it will heat up tomorrow and over the weekend but still nice. here is your forecast first. the next three days. sunshine tomorrow and 91. 92 on saturday. we'll keep both of those days dry. again, if you're going to the
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redskin game, it's going to be in the 80s throughout the -- throughout the game and near 90 to start the game. maybe a thunderstorm on sunday. temperatures still flirting with 90 degrees. breaking down friday, very nice and bring your sunglasses if you're coming in 66 eastbound. 74 and sunshine to start. mid-80s by lunchtime and 90 by evening. but not that humid. and no thunderstorms. and no dense fog. and no flooding. good times. 85 right now at national. 82 in gaithersburg. 86 in manassas. and 84 in leesberg. and 83 at andrews and toward patuxent river. and teams tonight clear and piled. 64-72 with light winds. a lot of the suburbs will be in the 60s. 66 in college park and andrews, a good deal. around 70 around the beltway, but 66 in reston. and sterling, 65 and 64 in leesberg. friday morning, mostly sunny and warm.
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air quality forecast to be code orange. that is unhealthy. i don't think it will make that. but if you have a respiratory problem, you should limit your time outdoors. winds northwest at 10. by afternoon, partly cloudy and hot, but dry. highs around 90 and winds southwesterly at 10. and a little bit more humid tomorrow but not crazy. so still pretty nice. satellite picture, radar combined. there is our range from yesterday with the same front. this time it pummeled virginia, around danville and the piedmont, north carolina. that will stay to the south, so we're in great shape tonight and tomorrow and also into saturday. but we will get a little hotter each day. zone forecast for tomorrow, six zones are always on our website at 81 in oakland. 85 in cumberland. looking at mid to upper 80s for hagers town, back into winchester. 92 in culpeper and 90 in manassas: and downtown low 90s and no storms. upper 80s on the bay. no winds or advisories.
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next 7 days. 91 tomorrow, 92 on saturday. but dry. and then near 90 on sunday. some storms. a little better chance of storms on monday. back in the upper 80s. we'll throw a drop on tuesday. most showers stay to the south. and then more storms on wednesday or hot again and then comfortable. mid-80s on thursday. could be the nicest air we've seen in about six weeks. >> we need some nice air. >> we do. rother clemens is in some pretty big trouble. >> and like it always is in washington, it's not the crime, it's the cover-up that gets the guy. you can lie to a lot of people and get away with it, but not congress. roger clemens learning that the hard way and he may wind up in jail over it. plus the redskins break training camp the way they began it, with no haynesworth. topper, get the water. nine99 -- 9 sports is next.
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dozens of baseball players have lied about using steroids and it's cost them endorsements and fan support and votes for the hall of fame. but only a few were dumb enough to lie about it in front of congress and the cost to them might be steeper, as in jail time. roger clemens was indicted by a federal grand jury today on perjury charges for telling congress in 2008 that he never used steroids. that testimony of course was contradicted by clemens' former teammate andy petition that said he confessed use to him and his former trainer, mcnamee saying he injected him with the drug for about 12 times. the maximum penalty is 30 years. and nats and braves this afternoon. dunn getting the day off. morris replacing him at first base and he makes the most of the opportunity. solo shot, 2nd inning, lannon on the bump and this pitch
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wasn't that promising. threw it behind mccann. but pitched well. take the nats to a lead and unlike the first two games of the series, the nats hell the hearing. 9th inning, willie harris with a two-run shot to right and nats taking out the braves today 6-2. so 22 days after it starts, mike shanahan's inaugural training camp as the redskins head coach ended today but the work is just beginning. there are still 24 days until the season opener against the cowboys. still 80 guys on the roster. and as dave owens reports from the park, the coach still isn't quite sure what he has. >> reporter: the final day of training camp ended just like it began, with albert haynesworth on the side lines. >> i thought it was dehydration. he felt that his head was bothering him more than it was dehydration so he wasn't feeling good basically. >> reporter: whether he plays saturday will be determined tomorrow. as for the rest of the squad, thursday signaled the end of two a day practices. >> how happy are you to be done
6:28 pm
with training camp. >> i did it. >> training camp is always hot and hard. >> it's nice to get home to my nice comfortable temper pedic. >> reporter: and what was the difference between a jim zorn and mike shanahan camp. >> the intensity -- the intensity was greater and the level of drills it was boom, boom, in and out e. preparing for the ravens game on saturday night and back to it on monday and from that point on its one practice per day. at redskins park, dave owens, 9 news now. malcolm kelly missed practice again today but not for hamstring. he had a court date for traffic charges. he's had five violations in 18 months. we told you yet trent williams was cited for reckless driving on the toll road and trent davis was in court for lying about his identity in june. a week from tomorrow high school football kicks off and
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with it a brand new way to follow your school on tv and online. this year nine sports and high school teaming up to bring you the best high school in d.c. and we're looking for students to shoot video from your school. those who are chosen will get a free flip video cam to shoot everything from highlights to pep rallies to interviews with your players. fill out an application at finally tonight, william tell has nothing on tennis great roger federer. this was in between takes while shooting a commercial. one of the crew members put a cannon his head and challenged him to knock it off with a serve. and he nailed it. if you believe that video. do you believe it? because i think he's -- he's accurate. >> i might have turned around. he's not that accurate. that's it for us. and that's accurate. the cbs news with katie cur


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